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Revenue from oil and orange cake with chocolate

Happiness Extra!

Enjoy a slice of cake with the same ease with which life enjoyment.
It's one of my favorites and, com chocolate, I am doubly happy.

Olive cake with chocolate and orange

125 g of natural iogurte
120 g de azeite virgem Extra
200 g sugar (150 g for mass and 50 g to the meringue)
2 eggs
50 laranja sumo ml (an orange)
Rasp 1 orange
180 g of wheat flour T55
6 g of chemical ferment
100 g cooking chocolate 52% Cacau

Preheat oven to 180 º C.
Grease with butter and sprinkle with flour a rectangular.
In a bowl, beat well yogurt, olive oil, 150 g sugar, as GEMAS, a rasping e o amount of laranja.
Add the sifted flour and baking powder and beat at low speed,only to connect all the ingredients.
Whisk the egg whites and add sugar to go, bit by bit, until you have a firm and glossy meringue.
Embed the meringue into the batter, with smooth.
Separate 250 Mass g, another cup.
Melt the chocolate in a double boiler or in the microwave, for a few seconds each time and stirring well at each time interval.
Mix well with chocolate 250 Mass g.
Putting the two masses in the form alternately. (For a marbled effect, use a knife or spatula and mix ligieramente the masses, after putting them in order.)
Bake the cake for about 30 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in center of cake comes out dry.
Cool somewhat in the shape, before desenformar.

This recipe is an adaptation this.


44 Comments to “Revenue from oil and orange cake with chocolate”

  1. Marian in 30 April, 2012

    In my Alentejo makes up a cake with walnuts delicious olive oil but this is not Leonor ago. That short cute and they look delicious,

    Thank you for this moment of sharing and happiness!!

  2. Catarina in 30 April, 2012

    Lindo o bolo. Unlike the oil with yogurt. Very beautiful !

  3. Garden Cotton Candy in 30 April, 2012

    The first picture is brutal. This recipe looks simple and delicious cake seems to be. The experiment sometime.

  4. Fatima antunes in 30 April, 2012

    The Leonor and Miguel can take me forever Pras clouds…. 🙂

  5. Cady in 30 April, 2012

    What a wonderful aspect!! I will not rest, while not experiencing…


  6. Diogo in 30 April, 2012

    What a perfect combination and Marbled! Mas uma beleza das suas mãos 🙂

  7. maria em saunders 30 April, 2012

    where can compraRr book flagrant delight?
    Fnac has

  8. Leonor de Sousa Bastos in 1 May, 2012

    Olá Maria,

    There was a problem in the distribution of the book and it has been hard to find in bookstores.
    Unfortunately, I'm just the author and can not do anything…

    To beijinho,


  9. Regina Rezende em 30 April, 2012

    Over this cake should be too good !!!!! Just looking , I'm already salivating ….

  10. Filipa on 30 April, 2012

    I really liked the recipe and am willing to try it here at home!
    I have some doubts about the quantity of oil to use, since instead of dl ml or, é to unidade used to program. What is the equivalence?
    Thank you

  11. Leonor de Sousa Bastos in 1 May, 2012

    Hello Filipa,

    O weight (grams) and or volume (ml) are two different things (only the water is that the volume is “like” weight) and I do not know the correspondence of this quantity of oil in ml because I never measure.

    There is no problem in weighing the oil or other liquid. I weigh them forever because it is more accurate and simpler because I just use the scale to weigh all ingredients…Besides being less a measuring cup for washing!:)

    I hope I helped.



  12. . daisy . in 30 April, 2012

    Even I who am a skeptical about everything that takes oil (…shame on me…eu is…),rendered fico.
    From his hands Leonor Exits….magic.
    And the photos are a balm for the view.
    I'll try it soon.

    PS- Yesterday I made the muffins yogurt….the shapes LINDAS,Blue…
    Facilimos and fantastic !
    A clay that promised,a taste,and a beautiful daughter who said:
    'Mother,you are so dear,cupcakes are a d-and-l-i-c-i-a !!!!!!
    Again,thank you.

  13. Leonor de Sousa Bastos in 1 May, 2012

    Hello Daisy,

    I adorooo this cake!!! I stole the recipe from the restaurant Plat d'Or because he was my favorite!
    A piece of chocolate does not raise suspicions and part of the orange and olive oil with a flavor is amazing!… I do it over again here at home because it is really good!:)

    I do not have children but, imagine the delight that these words should be cherished…:)

    You can not imagine how glad because they liked Cupcakes!

    To beijinho,


  14. Filipa on 1 May, 2012

    Olá Maria.
    If a book fair in Lisbon, publisher of the book's objective Leonor.

  15. Joana Brandao in 1 May, 2012

    Leonor, I must tell you that I was very happy just reading this recipe, before you even realize the. And this is because? Because for centuries to make your orange cake with olive oil – became my favorite orange cake barely tasted and I have done so many times that I lost count! It is exquisite and always goes well, NAO has to cheat. The other reason focuses on destruction by my love of chocolate! I love chocolate, I think it's the best wonders of the world. It easily can be seen from my face of happiness when I saw a flagrant delight that combines my favorite orange cake and chocolate taste that much! And there was not a bit short of expectations – is divine.

    Summarizing, congratulations once again!

  16. Vanessa 1 May, 2012

    I've done! I've done!!!!
    Olá Leonor, said and done! The cake is fantastic! was beautiful and delicious!
    Every household AC people adorou!
    Like yogurt muffins, who were baptized cupcakes surprise Leonor, (were made on a machine that I bought long ago, faz a stone that mini-, and were surprised 2 or 3 chocolate chips on top of which were for kids, and half nut on the graúdos, was a party!).
    I also made almond Easter, afraid, avowed, but I ended up doing a brilharete.
    Thank you for sharing with us so many ” Flagrant delights”, always accompanied by such beautiful photos,

  17. Maria Helena em 1 May, 2012

    Equivalency measures:

    Dicilitro centilitre liter milliliter

    Decigrama Kilograma centigrama program

    In prescribed Oil Cake, chocolate and laranja, 120 g of oil equivalent to 120 ml

    Ter Hopefully Helpful

  18. Leonor de Sousa Bastos in 2 May, 2012

    Maria Helena Olá,

    I do not know if he noticed but, I have already answered the question and I did not realize exactly what it is.

    120 g de São azeite 131 ml, This is because the density of OLIVE is 0.913 g/cm3.

    If the measures thus functioned, it would make sense that in measuring cups, there traces at different heights corresponding to the different ingredients. 🙂

    I hope I helped.

    To beijinho,


  19. Leonor de Sousa Bastos in 2 May, 2012

    Hello Joana,

    Do not know if it was by email or comment but, I remember very well having read a message praising the immense cake….foste tu, You were not? 🙂

    I also love this cake and I do it plenty of times…is really good! 🙂 Já experimentaste com limão? It is more “strong” but, is also great!

    To beijinho *


  20. Leonor de Sousa Bastos in 2 May, 2012

    Vanessa Olá,

    One!!! 🙂 Que contente que eu fico por ter corrido tudo bem! I love “listen” a happy ending….there is nothing better! 🙂

    …And know that there are cupcakes with my name is a true delight…Loved!*

    Thanks I, by words so dear.

    To beijinho,


  21. belinhagulosa in 2 May, 2012

    But that wonderful cake friend, Gorgeous gorgeous and very different…bjs

  22. Joana Brandao in 2 May, 2012

    Hello again, Leonor! fui eu sim 🙂 vou experimentar com limão então, tb adore limão bolus! after tale as was. kiss!

  23. Carla em Manita 2 May, 2012

    É tão boooooommmm. Today I made to try and all the men of the house (the great and minorcas) worshiped…and right now he had started a beautiful drainage program. But it does not hurt…the flavor is so good that pays well. Thanks for the recipe

  24. Margarida Cardoso in 2 May, 2012

    Loved this recipe! I tried yesterday and the cake only lasted a few hours.
    It took a little longer to cook than indicated, but it was wonderful.
    As my sister said.. “was a scandal!”
    é um optimo bolo aconchegante e fica lindissimo depois de fatiado e servido numa travessinha 🙂

    continue o bom trabalho 🙂

  25. Maria Leonor Monte in 2 May, 2012


    Have kept this recipe and think it will be chosen for Mother's Day!!
    After such a tale that was, but coming from you'll be sure of good! 🙂


    Maria Leonor

  26. Rita em 2 May, 2012

    Loved the recipe! Besides those delicious is giving way to have on hand for whatever comes…
    Thank you and congratulations!

  27. Ana Maria em 3 May, 2012

    Olá Leonor!
    I am an assiduous reader of your Blog, mas is the 1st time to comment!
    The Blog is wonderful! And the pictures that illustrates your posts and recipes… are liiindas!!! 🙂
    This recipe looks delicious to me and I really want to try it but wanted to ask you a hint… all the cakes that I HAVE done in Minh rectangular saem “submarines”… in other words, with the mass of half super grown and the tips do not grow almost nothing… can tell me why this is happening?!?! I want to try this recipe but I have a fear that becomes “submarine”!! Your image of the cake is mouth watering!! 🙂
    Thank you!!

    Bjinho *

  28. Leonor de Sousa Bastos in 3 May, 2012

    Ola Ana Maria,

    Thank you for the nice comment.
    I do not know if I understand exactly how the cakes are….if the top is rounded this is beautiful!…I think so beautiful cakes with rectangular top plump!:)
    Baking cakes well inside or take too long to be fully cooked? Have you tried to do as the “English muffins” and giving a blow at the top of the cake around the lengthwise, so if you start to form a slight crust? No. I know exactly why it will be…

    Anyway, This cake can make a rectangular lower (28x24cm) with the advantage of faster bake and become more “from top” (the best part of the cake! :)) or use a round of 22 cm of diameter.

    To beijinho,


  29. Claudia in 3 May, 2012

    Adoro as suas receitas e esta será a próxima a ser feita cá em casa 🙂
    Soi wanted to ask a question: in some cake recipes using up oil. Can I replace the olive oil always?
    Thank you

  30. Leonor de Sousa Bastos in 3 May, 2012

    Hello Claúdia,

    In principle can…will only be a matter of taste. Sunflower oil has a neutral flavor and virtually oil has a peculiar flavor.
    In the yogurt cake, Orange and chocolate are very helpful to balance the flavor but, other recipes can be very “strong”.
    Anyway, is a matter of trying to go…there is no other way!:)

    I hope I helped.

    To beijinho,


  31. Claudia in 4 May, 2012

    Thanks for the answer.
    Use oil in cakes cause me any impression, but the truth is that they are so moist.
    There will be other ingredient that makes the same effect but the oil that is healthier? I've tried milk and water and does not give the same effect…
    Thank you!

  32. Leonor de Sousa Bastos in 8 May, 2012

    Hello Claudia,

    When using oil in cakes, what kind of oil uses?
    There are several types of oils and among the “food oils” (blends of refined vegetable oils) There is also the “óleo pure de girassol”, that despite being refined oil is a more healthful.
    Ideally use sunflower oil or other vegetable oils (rape, peanut, corn, etc) but without refining, sincerely, have not looked into any supermarket and do not know if there is or their price.

    In other, and although they are all liquids, Water and milk are completely different and could never replace oil up.

    To beijinho,


  33. Rosary 4 May, 2012

    Bom dia Leonor!
    Glad you're back!!
    I'll try to make this cake.- that's right!
    But he loved to do family size (for a family of gluttons!!), or triplicate. And I wanted your opinion on whether it could do so in a round shape without a hole? – given the size and the fact that the Leonor have made a form of English muffins….and did not want to spoil so noble ingredients of pure gluttony!!!

    Thank you and good week-end!

  34. Leonor de Sousa Bastos in 8 May, 2012

    Hello Rosary,

    I think this recipe makes for a form of 22 cm diameter and to triple the recipe has to be in a fairly larger…

    To beijinho,


  35. Barreto Emília in 5 May, 2012

    Leonor your blog is boring, pictures are always good and there is no revenue to be evil and look already experienced some, just to see if they were evil, because it is not greedy , nor for my 3 children always walk back of me in the kitchen to see what's new delicious that will come out of the oven this time, that is until their bolicaos had no complaint for failure to chrome (just getting to eat um, when I went to the second, now there were only crumbs) so this is a monotony.
    great bj
    Ps: did tb this cake tive that hide, if not, does not reach the lunch, The more the snack. There will have to continue to try to see if there are any that get us out of this rut ​​of always leaving everything perfect.

  36. Leonor de Sousa Bastos in 8 May, 2012

    Hello Emilia,

    It is a joy to receive a comment like yours…when I first read it I thought it would be a complaint and was relieved when I realized not…:))

    I'm really happy for his success!:)… I still do not have children, but I can imagine it perfectly to hide the cakes…in my parents' house had to do the same! (five and we were also very greedy!) :))

    A kiss and thank you,


  37. Isabel Sousa em 8 May, 2012

    Boa Tarde Leonor!
    Thank you for sharing! I've done the cake and the result was excellent. My son loved it ” even good, mother” and the cake was devoured in literally 2 times.
    In fact it was my cooking experience , Mother's day, porque ser Mãe é uma dádiva 🙂 e cozinhar , in my opinion is a gesture of love.
    Thank you very much.

  38. Claudia in 8 May, 2012

    Yes, use sunflower oil or peanut oil.
    Glad to be healthier! Já não é mau 😉
    I made this cake over the weekend and everyone loved it! Não sobrou uma fatia 🙂 O bolo é muito rico e tem sabores muito diferentes mas todos em sintonia! To be repeated again and again!
    Thank you

  39. Ana Maria em 14 May, 2012

    Olá Leonor!!
    I tried your recipe this Saturday and this cookie was wonderful!!! 🙂 Todos adoraram e não sobrou nenhuma fatia para domingo!! 😉
    I followed your tip and the cake was very beautiful… grown in full length as I wanted!!! 😉 …just hit a little when I took the oven!

    Again thank you for sharing this delicious recipe and its tip to my “submarines”!! 🙂

    Bjinhos *

  40. cristina mendes em 17 May, 2012

    I am a frequent visitor of this space, but I think it is the 1st time I comment. Fiz this bolus and, As usual, came out perfect. Thank you. It estava delicious… well, I have to believe in the story of my sweet tooth, because there was not a bit to me. hihihi
    Continue, please.

  41. Leonor de Sousa Bastos in 17 May, 2012

    Olá Cristina,

    What good could read it and know that comes up here!:)
    Thank you for reporting this greedy…loved!

    To beijinho,


  42. susana em 11 June, 2012

    Firstly I want to congratulate him for his recipes and present them!! I love making cakes with my little girl thirty three months and have found on your blog simply wonderful recipes…e eu sou muito esquisita 🙂 Este de azeite é delicioso, integral with the coffee, pie with strawberries, the semifrio that was devoured by my husband!!!! Now I'm to choose one for his birthday which is very close. Thank you for your generosity in sharing.

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  44. Bel em 21 July, 2013

    This cake is wonderful. Acabei de fazê-lo. Usei iogurte de soja porque sou intolerante a lactose, mas mesmo assim ficou delicioso. Thanks for the recipe.



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