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This is chinese!


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gelado frito

Fried ice cream

To 4 ice cream scoops:

1 egg
80 g wheat flour
60 g water
150 g cake (bread, brioche or dehydrated grated coconut)

Make the ice cream scoops and place them on a tray.
Freeze until hard (preferably overnight).
Grind the cake to small pieces.
Add the egg, the flour and the water until smooth.
Coat tightly the ice cream with this mixture and repeat the proces if necessary (the coat should be 5 mm thick).
Freeze again until hard.
Fry for a few seconds over high heat or use a deep fryer.
Serve with honey (and fresh fruit).


12 Responses to “This is chinese!”

  1. Dave -nibbleanibble em 30 January, 2010

    Love fried ice cream! I thought it was a Thai treat though.

  2. dawn em 31 January, 2010

    oh my stars! how did you ever get it so perfect? you are so talented!

  3. teeana em 1 February, 2010

    these look exaactly like the ones i had at the restaurant in FuZhou.<3
    my favourite ones were taro ice cream flavoured.

    FANTASTIC job on them. (grrr they look just aeoinvsdjfkl scrumptious, but no words can describe how much they make me salivate!)

    thanks for the recipe as well!!: )

  4. Mowie @ Mowielicious em 2 February, 2010

    Oh my – I’ve had this once before when I was really young, but couldn’t remember where or when – thanks so much for sharing the recipe – I must try making it! Gorgeous photos & lighting by the way.

  5. lisaiscooking em 2 February, 2010

    I’ve always loved Mexican-style fried ice cream, and this looks just incredible!

  6. Adrian, Moldova em 6 February, 2010

    amazing ! damn , you really rock !!!! bravo

  7. zohar nachman em 8 February, 2010

    I love fried ice cream, I’ve always had it in mexican restaurants though.

  8. Su-yin em 9 February, 2010

    I love love deep fried ice cream – yours looks amazingly good, brilliant photos of a already gorgeous dish.

  9. Pei-Lin em 9 February, 2010

    Hello! Your deep-fried ice cream looks so sinfully good!! Oh, I want some!

    So glad that I stumbled upon your blog! Agree with Bittman, it’s such a gem. Will keep myself posted on yours! Keep it up!

  10. Marija em 10 February, 2010

    I adore this! Eat it all the time in Chinese restaurants! And your presentation… It’s stunning!

  11. pity em 15 February, 2010

    wonderful post, its an impresive and delicious dessert, like all of yours, cheers from london

  12. Chica em 29 June, 2010

    I am very tempted to make these. jus one Q. Wont th icecream melt when im frying it ??

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