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Party lasts all week…


Meringues with strawberry ice cream

Serves 4:

2 egg whites
Same weight in icing sugar and granulated sugar
(approximately 70 g for Class M eggs’)

Pre-heat the oven to 80ºC.
Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
Combine the sugars.
Whisk the egg yolks and gently add the sugar until firm peaks form.
Usin a pastry bag pipe the batter onto the parchment paper in small circles.
Bake for 2 hours.

Strawberry sorbet

160 ml water
135 g sugar
1 kg strawberries
2 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp Grand Marnier

Purée the strawberries.
Combine the pulp with Grand Marnier and lemon juice and refrigerate until completely cold.
Prepare a syrup with the water and sugar, boiling until the sugar completely dissolves.
Remove from heat and let it cool down completely.
Combine the cold syrup with the pulp.

Pass the sirbet trough the ice cream machine and place it in the freezer.
Put it the refrigerator for 20 minutes before serving.

Traditional method (without ice cream machine):
Pour the mixture into a stainless steel bowl and cover with wrap film.
Freeze until the sides are frozen but the center is still slightly tender.
Use a food processor to blend the mixture.
Freeze and repeat the process at least two more times (at 1h-1h30 intervals).
Freeze for one hour before serving.

Fill the meringues with the starwberry sorbet.


8 Responses to “Spring…”

  1. Marija em 22 March, 2009

    Oooh, you make the prettiest desserts!

  2. Ivette em 22 March, 2009

    I love the texture and the colors! Your dessert looks
    so yummy and elegant.

  3. Y em 22 March, 2009

    Beautiful colours! Certainly looks like a glimmer of Spring :)

  4. Irene em 22 March, 2009

    Lovely, I love this!

  5. Amanda em 22 March, 2009

    Oh hi! I didn’t know your RSS feed had change and I was wondering why you hadn’t updated in such a long time. Apparently you had and my RSS thinghy was all screwed up!

    I always like visiting your blog for the beautiful, calming pictures – glad to see you’re still doing this :)

  6. lisa (dandysugar) em 24 March, 2009

    Gorgeous! These are perfect little light bites of goodness. Such beauty over here!

  7. Indie.Tea em 24 March, 2009

    They look delicious, and a bit like macarons

  8. MsGourmet em 15 August, 2009

    Almost too beautiful to eat!

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