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A cold pleasure


The warm days are coming with large steps. They bring scents and taste sensations and ask for light and refreshing feelings.
Fruity, floral or in harmony with the notes of the hot season, ice creams popularize the heat in a cold pure pleasure.
Despite the ephemeral (always made for immediate consumption), homemade ice creams distinguish themselves by its entirely natural ingredients and its extreme simplicity.
Moreover, they are very digestive, which makes them the ideal dessert for the outcome of a meal or a sweet and simple treat for anytime.
With closed eyes, a huge blue wave invades the palate and delight gives way to thaw the full acceptance of the senses …. Who is not a melting for an ice cream?

(This article has been published in the second issue of Visão Estilo+Design magazine. Thank you Áurea Sampaio and Alexandra Correia.)


Raspberry sorbet:

Serves 6-8:
500 m1 water
500 g sugar
500 g raspberry pulp
2 tbsp of lemon juice

Combine the raspberry pulp with the lemon juice and refrigerate until completely cold.
Bring the water and sugar to boil for 1 minute until it dissolves.
Let it cool down completely.
Mix syrup with the pulp and lemon juice.
Pour the mixture into the ice cream machine or frozen stirring regularly to prevent crystalization.

Serving suggestion:
Serve the raspberry sorbet in ice-cream cones coated with chocolate and sprinkled with candied violet chips.


7 Responses to “A cold pleasure”

  1. Marija em 14 April, 2009

    Ohhh, Leonor, can I borrow Miguel for a while? :) Photography is unbelievable!

  2. dawn em 14 April, 2009

    absolutely stunning…I so look forward to each and every new post.

  3. doggybloggy em 14 April, 2009

    what an excellent dessert, good now or good anytime….

  4. Amrita em 14 April, 2009

    Gorgeous as usual!
    …OK, now I have to run out and get myself raspeberries….

  5. jo em 14 April, 2009

    Oh wow, what a delicious summer recipe and the photos are breathtaking.

  6. MariannaF em 17 April, 2009

    The idea of candied violets on the cone is simply genius!!! Your blog is amazing, I am always checking it out, always so impressed, even though I do not always comment!

  7. katrina em 20 April, 2009

    Stunning photos – just AMAZING!

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