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Back to reality…

leite de cabra coalhado

How I missed my blog…

I’m a keeper of sheep.
The sheep are my thoughts
And each thought a sensation.
I think with my eyes and my ears
And with my hands and feet
And with my nose and mouth.

To think a flower is to see and smell it,
And to eat a fruit is to know its meaning.

That is why on a hot day
When I enjoy it so much I feel sad,
And I lie down in the grass
And close my warm eyes,
Then I feel my whole body lying down in reality,
I know the truth, and I’m happy.

Alberto Caeiro

leite de cabra coalhado

Curdled goat milk with plum jam and pinenuts

Serves 6:

Plum jam:
250 g plums, peeled and pitted
125 g sugar
½ cinnamon stick

Place plums, water and cinnamon in a stockpot and bring to boil over low heat.
Pôr as ameixas, o açúcar e a canela num tacho e levar a lume brando.
Simmer 10 minutes, stirring occasionally, until fruit is soft.
Remove from heat.
Let rest for 1 minute, then skim off any foam.
Set aside.

Curdled goat milk:
150 ml pasteurized goat milk
18 drops of liquid rennet

25 g pinenuts, roasted

Bring the milk to 38ºC. Rennet won’t work if milk reaches 85ºC.

Place the roasted pinenuts on the bottom of 6 shot glasses.
Pour a small amount of the plum jam over the pinenuts.
Put 3 drops of liquid rennet in each glasse and immediately pour the milk at 38ºC.
Let the mixture rest at room temperature until the milk curdles.

leite de cabra coalhado


9 Responses to “Back to reality…”

  1. dawn em 30 August, 2009

    gorgeous. I have many a tart idea for that plum jam too.

  2. Marian em 30 August, 2009

    Beautiful photographs, beautiful words…. thank you.

  3. Naimhe em 2 September, 2009

    How pretty! We added this recipe to goat-worthy treats on

  4. Abi em 3 September, 2009

    It’s absolutely stunning! Love the photographs and words!

    If I would like to get in contact with you, should I send the questions
    through the “contact” section of the website?
    I have sent a inquiry through that but am not sure if it was received successfully.

    Thsnk you so much!

  5. Luan em 12 September, 2009

    That so amazing… you have a beautiful blog, with grates photos. I loved !!! Realy. I am brasilian. Congratulations !!!!!!!

  6. Rachel em 12 September, 2009

    Beautiful blog. Thank you.

  7. Leopoldo Soto em 13 September, 2009

    Dear Leonor: I direct Huatulco Film & Food Festival, taking food as a cultural identity.
    Discovered your Blog Thanks to NYT.
    Would like to include it during our program, in the analisis of the most relevant of the year, in matter of Web Sites.
    Will let you know, and send copy of the program.
    Best regards.
    Leopoldo Soto

  8. RobbieLee at Chickiedee em 14 September, 2009

    Your photographs are stunning my Dear! These look so yummy!

  9. agneta em 19 September, 2009

    oh my… love your virtual image!! amazing mix!!

    regards from sweden & agneta

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