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“It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important”


“It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Tomorrow I’ll fly to Oporto and I fill myself with an anticipated happiness: my rose is unmatched in the entire world.


Candied rose petals:

10 rose petals
1 pasteurised egg white
50 g sugar

Wash and dry gently the petals.
Brush the petals with the egg white.
Completely coat the petals with sugar.
Let them dry in a dry place or in the oven at 35ºC for a couple of hours.



14 Responses to ““It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important””

  1. Zita em 24 March, 2009

    This is probably so far my favorite post, Leonor… I adore roses… and I’m so proud of you… reaching out for the sky..of pastry world :) Boa viagem!

  2. ciaochowlinda em 24 March, 2009

    Wow – These are spectacular. Did you assemble the individual petals into a whole rose flower, or did you make coat one entire rose with the egg white and sugar?

  3. clumbsycookie em 25 March, 2009

    Que coisa linda Leonor! Muito elegante! Pasatelo bien en Oporto.

  4. Alex em 25 March, 2009

    This is gorgeous, I’m just a little confused as to how/if you get the petals back into a rose and make it stay. Or do you have them in the cup?

    Truly amazing, a wonderful idea.

  5. Meaghan (Chic Cookies) em 25 March, 2009

    Beautiful! And your site is stunning. I posted a feature on your roses and site today for my edible crafts column. Hope to bring you more clicks! Thank you for sharing. Meaghan
    (your feature is at

  6. mallory elise em 25 March, 2009

    that. is. awesome.

  7. anna em 25 March, 2009

    Ooh, so beautiful! I was thinking of trying to candy and/or distill my own flowers this spring and summer. I’ll try this for sure!

  8. May em 25 March, 2009

    Your rose is stunning! And the photos are breath-taking!

  9. Aran em 25 March, 2009


  10. Miss Diane em 26 March, 2009

    Des pétales de rose en sucre, comme c’est charmant!

  11. Rachel em 29 March, 2009

    Oh that is beautiful! What a pretty addition to a cake… I’ll be linking.

  12. tj em 27 April, 2009

    wow this would look great on a wedding cake, with just the rose heads, or the petals

  13. kathy lewis em 2 May, 2009

    and so how long will these last? plz email me

  14. lucy peng em 3 December, 2009

    I just made this today,thank you!!

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