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Mamma mia

Stretches, rolls, unfolds in chocolate…

Chocolate tagliatelle with chocolate sauce

Serves 4:

200g wheat flour + flour
2g salt
2-3 eggs
40g icing sugar
50g powdered cocoa

3 l water (to cook the tagliatelle)
20g butter
50g icing sugar to sprinkle

Sieve the flour with salt to a bowl. Set aside.
Whisk the eggs.
Sieve the icing sugar and cocoa into the whisked eggs and combine well.
Pour the egg mixture into the flour and work by hand into a smooth paste.
Leave in the fridge for 90 minutes wrapped tightly in wrap film.
Gently flour the work surface and cut the dough in 3 pieces.
Stretch the dough with the rolling pin until very thin.
Spread more flour on the stretched dough and roll it tightly.
Cut 5mm wide ribbons from the rolled dough and unfold them onto a gently floured dry cloth, for 30 minutes.
Heat the water in a saucepan and boil the tagliatelle for a few minutes (as soon as they come up they are ready).
Dry the pasta in a large colander.
Sautée with butter and sprinkle with icing sugar.

Chocolate sauce:

Makes 500 ml:

130 g 70% dark chocolate, finely chopped
250 ml water
70 g icing sugar
125 ml double cream

Combine well all the ingredients and bring to boil in medium heat stirring constantly.
Reduce to low heat and cook until creamy and it stays at the back of a spoon.
Remove from heat and serve immediately.

You could also let it cool down at room temperature, strring occasionally.
You can keep it in the refrigerator for two weeks on an hermetic container.
To serve, place it in a double boiler, stirring occasionally.

Source: Pierre Hermé


14 Responses to “Mamma mia”

  1. Ginny em 28 November, 2008

    Wow! it looks so decadent and rich! delicious!

  2. Sara em 28 November, 2008

    I’m one of those people who never, ever think something’s too rich or too much, so… Oh my god, I wish I could have just that right now!

  3. Clumbsy Cookie em 28 November, 2008

    Quando morremos e chegamos ao céu, deve ser isso que nos dão para comer. ;)

  4. The Wind Attack em 28 November, 2008

    That last picture is phenomenal. I’d totally skip dessert and have that for dinner!

  5. dessert girl em 28 November, 2008

    Oh, my gosh! I want to eat that now! The photographs are beautiful!

  6. Cindy. Lo. em 28 November, 2008

    Never had it before,
    Looks interesting!
    Wish I can find a place to try it!

  7. Y em 29 November, 2008

    Awesome first photo. Waaay too sinful.. which is of course the way we all like it :D

  8. Jeanne em 29 November, 2008

    Oh. My. Word. I saw this on Tastespotting and could not believe my eyes. You now officialyl qualify for the title of Evil Foodie Genius. I want some now!!

  9. miri em 29 November, 2008

    Gorgeous gorgeous dish! And the photos – to die for!

  10. Irene em 30 November, 2008

    Oh my goodness, this is a decadent dish! Your photos are beautiful, as always.

  11. gaga em 30 November, 2008

    Mamma mia indeed! What a creative idea. It looks absolutely scrumptious!

  12. Serena em 2 December, 2008

    Oh my! I saw this on tastespotting and I *knew* it was you. Knew it!

  13. Shaheen em 7 December, 2008

    This looks absolutely decadent. Love it!

  14. party em em 10 February, 2009

    the paste thing was hard to mix by hand, my first attempt made a huge mess, but on second attempt i used a spoon to mix in the chocolate-egg mixture into the flour-salt mixture which made life much easier in the cleanup time.

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