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Dark chocolate, rum and candied orange peel truffles


“I love chocolate. Badly. I’m hopeless. I’m what people call chocoholic”
Irène Frain, Pasión por el chocolate, 1995

Dark chocolate, rum and candied orange peel truffles

150 g dark chocolate, chopped
125 g cream
20 g butter, softened
10 ml rum
30 g candied orange peel

Place the chocolate, rum and orangettes in a bowl.
Bring the cream to boil and pour over the chocolate stirring constantly.
Add the butter and combine until smooth.
Cover the bowl with wrap film and refrigerate for at least 4 hours (or overnight).
Put the cocoa on a plate.
With greased hands make small balls with the truffle mixture and gently roll each truffle in the cocoa to coat.



12 Responses to “Dark chocolate, rum and candied orange peel truffles”

  1. Claudia em 4 February, 2009


    tuas trufas já me venceram uma vez e eu não vou resistir nunca mais. Vou entregar os pontos imadiatamente. E agora então, com as fotos ainda maiores elas ficaram ainda mais dominantes. Poderosas.

    Lindo blog e lindas fotos, a altura de tuas trufas,

    Ainda, se eu gostasse de coca cola eu ia querer me banhar naquele copo de chocolate…



  2. Y em 4 February, 2009

    Mmmm.. yes please!

  3. Dragon em 4 February, 2009

    I’m a chocoholic too. I think these would hit the spot nicely.

  4. MaryBeth em 4 February, 2009

    WOW….It’s all I can do to stop myself from licking the screen, the picture alone is making my mouth water. Excellent picture!

  5. Rachel@fairycakeheaven em 5 February, 2009

    Oh my god the picture of the half eaten truffle is amazing!!! Gorgeous as always!!!!

  6. aran em 5 February, 2009

    hmmm… delicious!

  7. Christy em 5 February, 2009

    Ohh…I’m liking the new layout and look!! Somehow the combination of dark chocolate and rum is making me droll….I need one, even though it’s only 1144am here (not an early riser, so consider this early morning for me)….wait make that a handful!

  8. Iron Chef Shellie em 5 February, 2009

    mmmmm these look absolutely delicious! I love the chocolate and orange combo.

  9. tanya em 6 February, 2009

    wow, beautiful picture–it’s amazing that I’m now craving these truffles at 8:30 in the morning.

  10. Abby em 7 February, 2009

    Orange and citrus is one of my fave combinations. Gorgeous.

  11. Zita em 7 February, 2009

    Wow..impresing new layout… orange and chocolate …make me wordless :)*

  12. Reader: Feb 26, 2009 « updownacross em 26 February, 2009

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