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Stay hungry stay foolish…


After my return from Barcelona and my chocolate course at Espai Sucre, I fully understand why my cooking school is believed to be the best in Spain.
Everything I thought I could learn on a chocolate course, I already knew it as all the demonstrations that were new to the rest of the participants.

It was easy to see that I already know from heart all the custards’ recipes, the temperatures, the secrets of the macarrons, or the tricks to achieve a perfect tatin.
Anyway, the course at Espai Sucre that has been a surprise gift from Miguel was a different experience that gave me the chance to learn some interesting recipes and, above all, showed me that the final step is the entrance in the “real world”.


I barely had time to see Barcelona. This was only my second time there but Miguel lived there in his times as a tennis coach at Topteam Tennis Academy.
Our visit was far from tennis courts and we had time to go to the top pastry shops.
Despite the little time I dare to describe the city in one word: Culture.

Now my resume will fly to Bubó of Carles Mampel and I swear that I’ll try until my turn arrives!..
Stay hungry stay foolish!… This is the best I have to give you…

carles mampel

flagrantedelicia at the new york times

I know I’m being a little slow posting here, but besides all the decisions I’ve to make about my future, I came across some new challenges that completely screw my time…

While I’m preparing the english translation for a couple of new posts I’m more than happy to share with you a surprise.

I only found it yesterday: flagrantedelicia was featured in the New York Times Mark Bittman’s food blog!

500000 visitors!

Buffets, Alimenta, Santamaria, Balaguer, magazines and us


The beginning of a new week brings me some relief…
The entire past week was filled with the oriental buffet at school, the creation of the indian buffet (that we’ll do by ourselves in two weeks) and Alimenta IB where I was able to see Santi Santamaria and help Oriol Balaguer in a show-cooking demo.
After all and in only one month I kept 3 different magazine issues that feature my name (Plaisirs de Vivre, Performance and Mulher Moderna na Cozinha) and I’m just getting ready for a fourth issue.
Work is exhausting but the resolution is unshaken when you’re at my side and make me so happy…

Plaisirs de Vivre

Our work has been published in the last issue of the canadian magazine Plaisirs de Vivre
… our pleasure!…

(Merci Céline pour ton article!!)







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