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Zucchini and chocolate…

zucchini & chocolate

Some days ago I was surprised with the description of the “compañeros y profesores de la uib [fellow students and teachers at the UIB]” written by Pedro Fraga, a friend with whom I had the pleasure to share this Master course.
After reading all the details about everyone I’ll try to finish the puzzle with final piece…

Coming from Galicia already with a cooking course, after staying in Scotland for a while, finally arrives to Mallorca.
Used to work as a private chef in luxury yachts, he came for the master course with the strength that make possible every dream.

Pedro Fraga has the lost look from who sails by infinite seas but he always brings us “earthy” thoughts.

In his passion for cooking, the sweet world always seemed too far away for him, but he managed to create this wonderful recipe to the new school restaurant menu:

Pedro, Zucchini and chocolate…

zucchini & chocolate

Zucchini and chocolate with Bailey’s

Serves 8-10:

Zucchini and chocolate cake:
400 g zucchini (peeled)
1 egg
75 g butter
62.5 g yoghurt
100 g dark chocolate, chopped
8 g baking powder
37.5 g powdered cocoa
187.5 g sugar
½ tsp vanilla sugar
200 g wheat flour

Pre-heat the oven to 170ºC.
Grease and flour a rectangular pan.
Combine the eggs with the yoghurt, melted butter at room temperature and the puréed zucchini.
In another bowl combine the remaining ingredients.
Add the dry ingredients to the liquid ingredients folding gently, until smooth.
Pour the dough into the pan.
Bake for 40 minutes.

Bailey’s sauce
500 ml Bailey’s
500 ml cream (35% fat)

Bring the liquor to medium heat to evaporate the alcohol.
Add the cream and let it reduce until slightly thick.

Serve the cake with the chilled Bailey’s sauce, olive oil infusioned with vanilla and Zucchini tuiles.

zucchini & chocolate


5 Responses to “Zucchini and chocolate…”

  1. Amy (Sing for your supper) em 19 August, 2009

    Just tonight I made a chocolate zucchini cake – I was completely blown away at how delicious it was!! And the zucchini was completely undetected!! This looks wonderful!

  2. Nicisme em 20 August, 2009

    That’s awesome, so beautiful with the sugared zucchini!

  3. dawn em 22 August, 2009

    I am in love with this deconstruction of chocolate & zucchini. You always blow me away with your creations.

  4. Aran em 24 August, 2009

    looks so deliciously moist!

  5. Gabby em 11 November, 2009

    Do you have to melt the chocolate before adding it to the dough? Or do you just add the chopped chocolate to the dough without melting it?


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