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This is not a coulant!


Revenge is a dish best served hot… I told that I’d be back…


dark chocolate “coulant

Serves 10:

6 eggs
160 g icing sugar
225 g softened butter
40 g cornstarch
60 g wheat flour
225 g dark chocolate (70%), chopped

Grease and flour 10 small round pans (6 cms diameter).
Melt the chocolate in a double-boiler.
Beat the butter until creamy.
Add the sugar and mix until smooth.
Add the eggs while mixing.
Fold in the flour and the cornstarch and mix.
Pour the chocolate and combine well.
Pour the batter into the pans (about 100g each).
Freeze overnight.
Pre-heat the oven to 200ºC.
Bake the cakes for 20 minutes directly from the freezer.
Unmold and serve immediatly.
Serve with an ice cream quenelle.

Note: varying the size of the pans and batter quantity changes the baking time. If necessary test with one cake and adjust baking time. The cake should have a thin crisp crust.

Coulant is the original name of these cakes, patented by Michel Bras, the famous french chef who created them.
On the original recipe these cakes are made from two separate components:
- a chocolate cake dough
- a ganache

The ganache should be frozen to be enveloped with the cake batter and then frozen again. This way the batter will be completely baked while the ganache will be molten.
Except for the original coulant, all the other cakes of the kind are made from one single batter with an half baked interior.

Some people also call these cakes petit gâteaux.



12 Responses to “This is not a coulant!”

  1. Marillyn @ just-making-noise em 25 November, 2009


  2. TabzChewy em 25 November, 2009

    Eating this would make me a reallyyyy bad girl for Xmas…

    looks amazing!!

  3. Fiona em 25 November, 2009

    oh this looks so divine! and easy. i can imagine the gooey chocolate awesomeness already.

  4. sharon em 25 November, 2009

    Are you kidding me with this?…this “coulant” is the supermodel of souffles!! w/o even tasting it, I know this it’s absolutely divine!! Mmmmm…Your pictures are totally droolworthy…thank you for enhancing the foodie in me :) Happy Thanksgiving! Who needs turkey when you’ve got a heavenly dessert?

  5. Serene em 25 November, 2009

    You don’t say when/how to add the melted chocolate to the batter.

  6. Filipa em 25 November, 2009


    Receita no tasteSpotting!

    Adoro o teu site, nao só as receitas são óptimas como as fotos são belissimas!


  7. Magi Glucker em 25 November, 2009

    Ho my god, it’s look amazing and very atractive.


  8. Malin em 25 November, 2009

    Oh my, this looks fantastic! I’m SO close to licking the screen….

  9. Ashley Memory em 25 November, 2009

    Now you’ve got me thinking……how could I put this in a crepe? Thanks for sharing this great dessert.

  10. maslinka em 27 November, 2009

    mmmm… fantastic…

  11. Rizka em 19 February, 2010

    Oh my God, this looks sooo heavenly..

  12. fragolina em 10 July, 2010


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