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“la vie en rose”

semifrio morango

Because Spring has pink arms that always touch the sky…

semifrio morango

Strawberry Charlotte

Serves 6:


200 g sugar
200 g water

Bring the water and sugar to boil for 5 minutes or until the sugar is completely disolved.
Remove from heat and let it cool down.

Sponge cake:

5 eggs
117 g sugar (33 g + 84 g)
83 g wheat flour
50 g cornstarch

Pre-heat the oven to 200ºC.
Grease and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
Seive the flour with the cornstarch. Set aside.
Whisk the egg yolks with 33g of sugar until thick. Set aside.
Whisk the egg whites and add the sugar until firm and glossy.
Gently fold in the yolks mixture into the whites’ mixture.
Gently fold in the flours.
Spread a thin layer of the dough over the pan.
If needed use a spatula to make it even.
Bake for 5 minutes.

Strawberry mousse:

75 g strawberry pulp
5 g gelatin (2.5 sheets)
80 g sugar
325 g cream
Bloom the gelatin.
Heat a part of the pulp with sugar and dissolve the gelatin.
Semi-whip the cream and gently fold it into the previous mixture.
Pour this mixture into a pastry bag.

Strawberry jelly:

500 g strawberry jam
8 g gelatin (4 sheets)

Heat the jam without boiling.
Sieve and fold in the blossomed gelatin.
Use while warm.


Line the interior of the cake rings with food-safe acetate.
Cut stripes of the sponge cake the size of the cake rings and circles for the bottom.
Line the cake rings (bottom and sides) with the sponge cake.
Brush generously with the syrup the inner side of the cake.
Fill the ring with the strawberry mousse.
Top with the strawberry mousse.
Remove the acetate while the cake is still frozen.
Refrigerate until serving time.

semifrio morango


27 Responses to ““la vie en rose””

  1. dawn em 3 June, 2009

    i am left breathless…speechless

  2. ciaochowlinda em 3 June, 2009

    i was going to say speechless too, but dawn took the word out of my mouth. nothing left to say.

  3. Michelle em 3 June, 2009

    Positively stunning.

  4. jo em 3 June, 2009

    This is simply a work of art …. simply stunning and the best I have seen in any Tastespotting pictures. When I read the recipes, I just thought gosh, this is way too complicated.

  5. Aisha em 3 June, 2009

    This is amazing…I’ve always wondered how to make such designs in cake!

  6. Jean em 3 June, 2009

    Wow…. this looks like a yummmy piece of art

  7. srg em 3 June, 2009


  8. phon em 3 June, 2009

    Abosolutely gorgeous!!

  9. Gemma em 3 June, 2009

    A-mazing! This is simply gorgeous.

    Should the line in the Presentation section read ‘Top with the strawberry jelly’ instead of mousse? ie.fill with mousse and then top with the jelly, not fill with mousse and then top with mousse?

    I can foresee a complete disaster in my kitchen, but I simply MUST try this – if I can get it looking even a third as beautiful as yours – I’ll be a very happy girl! :)

  10. Gemma em 3 June, 2009

    I need to edit that last post – skip the ‘third’ bit…. if i can get it looking even a 10th or a 100th as beautiful as yours – I’ll be happy! :)

  11. Amrita em 3 June, 2009

    Magical! Quite some assembly required but that’s the beauty of it!

  12. daniela em 3 June, 2009

    it’s wonderful… really special… you’re great , for recipe but especially for presentation….. I think I’ll come to your site very often to learn something!!!!

  13. Laura em 3 June, 2009

    The strawberry charlotte looks amazing! it’s so different and elegant! i love it!

  14. Adelina em 4 June, 2009

    Such a nice presentation and I bet the flavor was awesome too! You’re such an artist! Thanks for sharing!

  15. anna em 4 June, 2009

    I’ve been making a lot of pink desserts lately, too, but, um, nothing like this. Wow.

  16. Y em 5 June, 2009

    What a celebratory looking cake. Fit for an Alice in Wonderland teaparty :)

  17. J_M_ em 6 June, 2009

    Congratulation, your dessert is really wonderfull. The design is so fun!

  18. Shannon L em 9 June, 2009

    Wow too pretty to eat, very cute and girly with the polka dots!

  19. Anne em 17 June, 2009

    I always come to your site for the magic of your creations. It was a lovely moment when I first saw this Strawberry Charlotte…and I keep coming back to visit it so that I may gaze at it again. You create a beautiful world.

  20. Nirmala em 18 June, 2009

    How did you make the pink dot pattern on the cake ? I remember reading it before but now could not find it. please help

  21. lola em 19 June, 2009


  22. Jo em 23 June, 2009

    Yes I read this post before, but i can’t find it now…
    plz let us knw

  23. Tonya em 6 July, 2009

    This is absolutely gorgeous! I am dying to try my hand at it and I copied your recipe before you changed it…..but you didn’t specify how much strawberry pulp goes into the Tuiles batter, would you mind sharing? Thank you so much!

  24. khloe em 15 January, 2010

    that cake is so cool who ever made that cake is awesome!

  25. paola cucu em 10 February, 2010

    This is the most amazing cake I have ever seen…Please, pleaaaase would you share how you made the incredible pink decoration??? is that caramelised sugar decoration, but why is it not camamel colour? and how is it done? thank you a lot!

  26. Michelle em 19 April, 2010

    What a gorgeous cake! I’m dying to make it over this weekend to impress my girlfriends. But one question, how did you create the red dots on the cake?

  27. Coffee em 19 June, 2010

    This recipe is amazing and the pictures are gorgeous!

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