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Anguish before dinner


“The princess is sad . . . from the princess slips
such sighs in her words from the strawberry lips. (…)”

Rubén Darío

Tomorrow is the year-end party at school and I can’t hide some sadness…
This is the place that sheltered all my dreams and from where I foresee my reality.
I keep so many people, stories, moments and I can’t avoid this anguish that makes me cry at the end.

bolo iogurte morango

Egg whites’ cake:

125 g. butter, softened
250 g. sugar
125 g. self-rising flour
8 egg whites
Icing sugar

Pre-heat the oven to 180ºC.
Grease a round pan (20 cms diameter).
Whisk the butter with the sugar until smooth.
Whisk the egg whites until firm peaks form.
Gently fold in the seived flour, alternating with the egg whites with smooth downward movements.
Pour the dough into the pan.

Cheese mousse:

250 g fromage blanc frais with 20% fat
2.5 gelatin sheets (5 g)
250 g cream 35% fat
75 g sugar

Bloom the gelatin.
Bring to low heat a small portion of the cheese and melt the gelatin.
Remove from heat.
Fold in the remaining cheese and the sugar.
Add the whipped cream when the mixture reaches 30/35ºC.
Refrigerate until firm


Cut the cake in half horizontally.
Spread the cheese mousse between the two cake layers.
Decorate with strawberries.
Sprinkle with dehydrated powdered strawberries and powdered pistachio.

bolo iogurte morango


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  1. Parita em 7 June, 2009

    OMG this looks absolutely stunning..beautiful cake and love the gorgeous click

  2. Stephanie em 8 June, 2009

    Beautiful! I reblogged it on my tumblr… click the link to see it.

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