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White chocolate salami recipe with hazelnuts and cinnamon cookies



Não me lembro das palavras com nitidez. Lembro a noite como foi e, em Agosto, o Verão ainda tinha todos os sonhos em aberto. Havia as estrelas por cima, as estrelas por dentro e as que saíam da tua boca. Falavas sobre a luz e, nesse momento, a física quântica pareceu-me mais poética que “o processo de eliminação de sombras” de Cesariny.
É fugaz o meu pensamento. Um cavalo alado nesta janela limpa onde lavo os olhos de azul. Mais que isto, “foi a tarde e a manhã, o dia primeiro.” Haja luz.

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Recipe for White Chocolate Cake

Spring has these things…


Strawberries, sunny days and the purest happiness!

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Recipe Orange cake with strawberries


bolo de laranja com morangos

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Recipe for Ginger and Lemon Cookies

A bottle of lemon and ginger

Bolachas de gengibre e limão

Eat the cookies and the words.

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Recipe Oatmeal Crumble with vanilla and apple and rhubarb

Doce Lisboa


I know nothing of Lisbon and I wonder how is it possible if my dad is here. Michael leaves me in the middle, while vai take another course Nikon, religiously and I keep kissing and paper with the address to go there have after. You should be enthusiastic to discover a city, but I feel like a tourist freshly landed on the other side of the world, with jet lag and very tired.

I sit in a pastry and barely have time to join the façade the letters to form the name you-Bénard- arises when a friendly employee to meet my request. I ask my coffee, the third since the exit of the Port, at six in the morning, with my four measly hours of sleep and I will look for the name of the site to make sure I did not miss any letter. Yes, is correct. The number is four and the cent, while I wait, I divide my attention between the surreal spectacle of a man with a tambourine to "sing" incomprehensible things and a man all plated golden statue, suspended in acrobatic poses. After all, I also want a bread with cheese.

I do not know what to do with so many hours I have left. Shooting my wallet and greasy blue bic and entertain me but planning desserts, nevertheless, it is inevitable that not already know that the lady sitting at the table to my left is the owner and pastry that you sat right next to me talking on the phone with someone from Tomar and has a son who lives there. It has a music school in Lisbon where he does what he likes and believes that things have to be done with passion. I also believe.

This was done so crumble.

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